Getting MOBBED! How to obtain the MOB Culture for Financial Success. Part 1

Wealth and financial success are the dreams of many, but attainable by only a few. To attain these realms, a lot is demanded. In this post and those following in the series, we would be looking at the things demanded to achieve financial prosperity.

It all begins with a vision.
♦MOB Vision – What a man sees determines what he attracts and what he becomes. The law of attraction teaches that what you focus on determines the experiences you draw towards you. The one who focuses on thoughts about financial independence attracts the experiences and opportunities that make the vision attainable. Additionally, the law of correspondence says that as it is within, so it is without. What is going on inside of you determines what manifests on the outside. Without the vision of financial prosperity, you will never get there. Life vibrates around your thoughts and the mental pictures you create for yourself. You need to create those positive images by yourself. This is the real DIY job as nobody can create those beautiful positive images for you. The more active you are mentally, the more of life’s opportunities move in your direction. The sad truth about life is that most people believe in the vision of others more than they believe in theirs. That is why they can afford to spend 30+ years of their lives working for others, but cannot sacrifice a day to work on their dreams. 
The way you see yourself is the way others will see you
The way you see yourself is the way others will see you
MOB Mindset – Your mindset is critical to our success. The most important battles of life are fought, not on the battlefield but in the mind-field. He wins in business who triumphs in his mind. You may have the most elaborate vision, but without a positive mindset, your vision ends in a bin. The fact is that almost everyone has one vision or the other of something good to be achieved, but a large percentage of people carry a polluted mentality that has been built up over the years based on loads of negative baggage dropped on them. Your mind is in a way similar to a mirror. What you see in a mirror is what it is. How you see yourself is how you are, and that is how most of the world will see you. When you stand in front of the mirror, and you see that your hair isn’t well combed do you leave your hair that way or do you dress it properly? Likewise, if you have negative stuff occupying your mind and you fail to correct them, you remain that way until you do. The MOB mindset sees beauty and opportunities all around. It sees itself as a winner at all times and not a failure. If you see yourself as a failure, it doesn’t matter how many visions you have. Believe in yourself; believe you can make it. Rid your mind of fear and worries. You can have the best of life. What do you see? Believe it, and you’ll become it. Engage in constructive meditations on things that draw you toward your goal. Focus your mind on anything that will boost the achievement of your financial goals. 
How to get there is as important as where you are going to.
How to get there is as important as where you are going to.

♦MOB Strategies – One of the problems of the young and ambitious people of these days is having a vision of financial success, but lacking a strategy. It demands a solid financial strategy to avoid financial tragedy. You need a plan of action to achieve your MOB Vision. Football games are not won and lost only on the basis of the players’ desires but on the strategy developed and deployed for the game. If you really aim to be wealthy, what is your strategy for achieving this?

Sequences affect consequences.

♦MOB Sequences – after having your vision and strategies, you need to develop a list of things to be done to execute the strategy. Besides, you will also determine the order in which these things must be done. The MOB Sequences also have to do with the rules and principles you must follow in the execution of your strategies. They include the “disciplinary” measures you will implement upon yourself in case you default in any of these sequences. This makes you more accountable and responsible for the things you do. Stepping into the life of financial freedom demands a lot of discipline, sacrifice, and commitment. Only by subjecting yourself to some form of “punishment” for defaulting, will you truly commit to your goals. Finally, it would be best if you committed yourself to go through every step, process and procedure in becoming financially free, no matter how boring, stressful or inconvenient it may be for you. Many are eager to earn, but only a few are eager to learn how to earn. Financial prosperity is a whole new world that demands a lot of learning, un-learning, and re-learning. It would help if you learned the ropes, and learning, in this case, is a necessary burden. You’ve got to go through the process. No jumping the gun here!

Would you like to use the next 48 hours to incubate on the four points here? Revisit your vision for the year, draft or re-draft the strategies to accomplish them, and outline the sequences you are going to follow to get your vision off the ground.

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  1. Sam

    Great post. These are things we need to hear often.

  2. Ibeh N Linda

    ……. People believe in other people’s dream more than they believe in themselves…. I love this. As a youth you need to consistently feed yourself on a daily basis with such words that lightens the spirit up.

    May God bless you Sir

  3. Segun

    Very motivating and inspiring…. Good work…!

  4. “Stepping into the life of financial freedom demands a lot of discipline, sacrifice, and commitment” this was word for me.. usually this is the challenge with most of us enterprenuers. This is Great sir. This one will fly

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