Getting MOBBED! How to obtain the MOB Culture for Financial Success. Part 2

Hello! Welcome back. In the last post, we introduced the MOB Culture, and we looked at four elements of the MOB Culture – vision, mindset, strategies and sequences. I believe you have revisited your vision for the year, drawn up the strategy for accomplishment, and outlined the sequences to follow through. Today, we would be looking at four other attributes. Get strapped for the journey.

Action is the bridge between your dream and its fulfilment.
♦MOB Actions – Massive actions beget massive results. You don’t get the results you desire until and unless you take specific significant steps – massive ones! To go (or get) where you’ve not been before (or what you haven’t had before) you’ve got to do things you have not done before – massive, relentless actions. Somebody said that to get a global prize you cannot pay a local price. Many people are eager to gain wealth, but only a few are keen to pay the price for that wealth. Will you stand out from the crowd and be among those taking massive actions toward the kind of life they want to live? Don’t just sit down and have a dream; get up and live the dream. Your dream is like a movie script, and you are the actor. The movie never gets seen unless the actor plays his role. MOB actions also entail your readiness to learn, do, and teach the things you’ve learned. Practice helps perfection and teaching aids retention.

Commitment is the birthplace of accomplishment. 
♦MOB Commitment – Commitment is key to achievement, so how committed are you to achieving your goals? What are you ready to start doing, or stop doing to reach them? Each year people begin with a list of resolutions containing a couple of things they want to start doing or achieve going forward. Let’s say two overweight people decided at the start of last year that they were going to lose 40 pounds by the year’s end. That was their vision. They came up with a strategy, and the sequences which included a series of exercises, visits to the gym, meals to start eating and those to stop, a change of routine especially the time of eating and sleeping and so on. By September, one up them had lost 25 pounds; the other had gained an extra 10 pounds. By the New Year, one had achieved the goal of losing a forty pounds and is now working out how to maintain the new size while the other had increased in weight yet again and is currently drafting another New Year resolution! What happened? They both had the vision, similar strategies, and sequences, so why didn’t they achieve the same results? The answer? Commitment! You must be ready to commit to the vision come rain, come shine. You must prepare for and commit to the vision like your life depends on it, because to a large extent, it does.

Inspiration produces the perspiration needed for the attainment of aspirations.

♦MOB Inspiration – we are made to be inspired. A life without inspiration is open to expiration. It takes inspiration to become and stay relevant. This brings us to the question, “What is your why?” Why do you desire a better lifestyle? What is your drive? The stronger your “why,” the stronger will be your results. The more reasons you have to achieve financial freedom, the fewer reasons you will have to give up on your dreams. Usually, there are not many things that make people give up. On average maybe two or three reasons or excuses can be adduced for the failures of people to achieve their dreams. Try and recall some things you wanted to do but gave up on. Can you remember how many reasons you had for giving up? I guess they would have been one or two, three at the most. What does that tell you? You naturally have more reasons to succeed than you have to fail. Here’s a quick assignment – get a paper and draw up a list of 10 ‘whys’ (reasons) for you to achieve your financial dreams. Keep that list close to your chest and read it each time you are tempted to give up.

Additionally, look out for people and things that will inspire you towards your goal. Avoid or delete images and conversations that pull you away from your dream. Engage in those that push you towards your vision.

One of the most accessible forms of wealth is system-generated wealth.
♦MOB System – It takes a system to be truly financially independent. The wealthiest people in the world all have a system that works for them and brings in money even when they are asleep. Until you get to the point where your income is not dependent on your effort, you can never be financially free. Do you want to be economically independent? Then you need to be constraint-independent and system-dependent. You need to break through the constraints of a regular job. You need to cut through the limitations of time-based or location-based income. You must own a system to own wealth. Where you cannot build or create a system for yourself, then you must identify and be part of a system that can earn you money without taking 100% of your effort, time and presence.

Look out for the concluding part of this series on Tuesday, January 15th. In the meantime, inculcate these four additional elements into your system, and watch your life change astronomically.

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