Getting MOBBED! How to obtain the MOB Culture for Financial Success. Part 3

We are glad to have you here for the concluding part of this three-part series of Getting MOBBED. We have been looking at how to develop the culture that will make you Financial successful. While these are in no way exhaustive, we have so far seen eight fundamental elements of the MOB culture. Let us turn our attention to the final four.

♦MOB Products – Every rich man has a product. Every wealthy person is selling something.

Income always flows in the direction of products that solve problems.

To strike a balance, every rich person has a product but not every person who has a product is rich. Every rich person is selling something, but not everyone who’s selling something is rich. We will explain this later on. Money is released in exchange for something of value. You cannot have loads of money without giving something of value (product) in return for it. What product have you created or are you ready to build? When we talk about a product here, we are referring to both a product and a service – anything of value that can be exchanged for money.

If you’re already employed, you’re in that employment because your boss leads an organisation that is providing something of value to others. Your salaries are being paid to you for the reason that some people out there are ready to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for a product or service that your organisation provides. The moment that the product stops being supplied, the money stops coming in, and the salary ends. To become financially prosperous, you must be ready to create a product that people will be willing to part with their cash for. If you don’t have a product or cannot build one, then you need to position yourself somewhere along the creation and supply line of an already existing product to have money flow in your direction.


♦MOB Words – one of the fastest ways to know how a person thinks and what will become of him is to listen to what he says, to himself and others.

Speaking your goals increases your consciousness of them and fuels your momentum.

Our words are major building blocks of our destiny. One of the secrets of victory in warfare is words. More often than not, what you say is what you get. Life turns in the direction of our words. You don’t have it to say it; you say it to have it.

Rid yourself of speaking negatively about yourself or your situations. Speak positively, speak “goal-fully” (speak of your goals). Words carry and attract spirits, and when we speak, we attract to ourselves the spirits of the words we speak. Let’s imagine you enter a classroom of students of whom you all know by name. Assuming you call, “Mary” or “John,” will the whole class answer you? No! Only those whose names you called will answer you. So it is with life – if you keep speaking about your problems and setbacks, you will continue to see them before you. When you start speaking your financial goals, they will answer to you, and the ideas, resources, and opportunities to crystallise those goals will gravitate towards you.

Do you know that it takes the same amount of time and energy to say something negative as it takes to say something positive? So why not expend them on the positive stuff? Moreover, have you noticed that what you say and hear determine how you feel? When you surround yourself with negative words, you feel weighty and tired, but with positive words, you feel light and strengthened. Therefore, dwell on positive words and affirmations.


♦MOB Association – “He who walks with the wise becomes wise and a companion of fools is destroyed.”

The coming together of the locusts is what makes their impact significant. Credits: National Geographic 

Earlier, we reminded ourselves that to get what you haven’t acquired before you must do what you haven’t done before. Now we will add another line to it – to get what you haven’t gotten before, you must associate with people you haven’t associated with before. Whom you work/walk with determines the things that work for you, and the things you walk into. Whom you know determines how far you can go (in life, in pursuit of your dreams, and so on.). Your company also determines your speed. Your team determines your steam; your team affects your income streams. When you walk with a 2-year-old child two things are likely to happen – you walk slower, while the child walks faster. Walk with people who engineer you to increase your speed, and not reduce your speed. Mastermind with people who have achieved your dream of financial independence. If you want to be your boss and all your friends are employees, it’s either you will never reach that dream, or you will achieve it later than sooner.


♦MOB Spirit – I think this is the most crucial part of having money in abundance, but it is probably the least spoken about.

When you have a lion's heart, you don't wait for the fattest bone, rather you receive the lion's share.

When you have a lion’s heart, you don’t wait for the fattest bone; instead, you receive the lion’s share.

The spirit of an entrepreneur is very different from that of an employee. The MOB spirit is that of an entrepreneur. It is your spirit that controls virtually all you do. Your spirit is like the engine of a car. Without the engine the car is just a container; likewise, without your spirit, your body is just a pack of moulded decorated clay. You may have the vision and all the other MOB elements, but without the MOB spirit, you can never fully live that dream. The spirits of all entrepreneurs have the following among others in common:

  • Excitement: They are highly excited. Have you ever met a successful gloomy, pessimist entrepreneur, who is not passionate about what he is doing or about the future of it? The answer is either no, or just one or two of them, but have you ever met an employee or an unemployed person with these traits? I am sure you have come across a lot! All great entrepreneurs are highly motivated individuals. Entrepreneurs believe in what they are doing, and they do not wait to be motivated or encouraged. They are self-driven, and “self-encouragers.” It is like they have a built-in mechanism that keeps them inspired. Excitement is essential for accomplishments.
  • Determination: They do not give up. From Thomas Edison to Bill Gates, entrepreneurs have the “never give up” spirit. Our entrepreneurial patriarchs kept trying until they succeeded, and to replicate their results we must never give up. While its commonplace for most employees to give up after a few trials, the successful entrepreneur never does. He never gives in, gives out or gives way until he gets in. He doesn’t give way to challenges; challenges give way to him.
  • Playtime: They are terrific “players.” Have you realised that most wealthy people have time on their schedule to play? Whatever play may mean to them, it is important that they commit valuable time to it. Some even have some games like Golf in their offices. Another truth is that most of the richest people in the world are “players.” Those who know how to play the best, earn the most. I believe that the wealthiest sets of people are found in the entertainment industry, sports, and the art world. Think of the highest earners in the football world, the PGA, basketball, NHL, NFL and so on. They are those who play the best. Making money is already a serious venture; it just makes sense to add the spice of humour and a bit of play to the process. Those who are too serious in life end up as serious casualties. One of the secrets of success in life is, possessing the spirit of a player, so be the best player you can be.


These are the twelve essential elements that make up the MOB culture. Like was stated earlier, every rich person has a product but not every person who has a product is rich. Every wealthy person is selling something, but not everyone who’s selling something is rich. You don’t become wealthy by merely owning a product or selling something. Wealth comes to you when you combine all the elements advocated in this study. Without them, you cannot indeed own and run a profitable business. The MOB Culture thrives on these principles. Let’s call them the “Factors of MOB Creation.” Apply all of them, and we will meet at the top.

See you there!!!

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