The Number One Money Secret Of The Rich

The choice is yours – to earn little or to earn much!

People do not get wealthy just because they desire to, neither do they get money because they deserve it. Money flows to those who demand for it.

Too many people think that they deserve to be rich because of their righteousness. If this were so, Lazarus the beggar would have had a better lifestyle on earth. Some others feel that their prayers are strong enough to pull money in their direction. Well, I know of people who can pray for hours, yet beg for money. They are also those who assume that hard work (alone) is enough to guarantee a life of satisfaction.

Hard work doesn’t always amount to a good life

While not putting down the place of hard work, this alone is not sufficient to place you among the world’s richest. Just go to the construction sites and observe: tell me those who work the hardest; and then tell me those who earn the highest. They are most often two different sets of people. Those who work smartest usually earn the best. No wonder someone said, “Head work is superior to handwork.”

Working smart yields the best dividend

It comes down to this: would you like to work the hardest and earn the least or do you want to earn tonnes of money with far less effort than those who work terribly hard? John D Rockefeller, the first billionaire in US Dollars summed it up this way, “I would rather earn 1% off a hundred people’s effort than 100% of my own efforts.” This is the number one secret of the rich and if you are going to end in that class, you need to think along this line of thought.

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