Success is something you attract by the person you become – Jim Rohn. Success is not in the ‘doing’ but in the ‘becoming.’ Success is not what you do, but what you become. Dr. Paul Enenche said, “Your habits determine your habitat.” You need to develop successful habits to make success your natural and continuous habitat. You are built and wired to succeed. You were not created a failure.

Success does not make people; people create success. Every successful person you see has developed and become accustomed to a series of habits that contributed to making them successful. Many of these habits are carried out before they step out into the day. Most successful people ensure that every day they do the most important things first. It is their culture.

Here are eight things Biblical characters did that put them in the annals of the successful. These are the very things globally successful people do daily that have built and maintained their success. They are things you can begin doing or continue to do every day as the case may be, to develop the culture of success and become successful.

#1 Pray
The most successful man to have walked the earth, our Master Jesus was a master of this habit. He spent the early hours of His day in prayers, Luke 1:35. The best way to start your day is, to begin with God.

#2 Worship
All successful people are worshippers, and they have mastered the habit of rising early to worship. Worship is not something they leave for their spare time. It is an integral part of their schedule.

#3 Inspire themselves
It is always good to get inspired into the day. Whether the inspiration comes from the Bible, your vision board, a song, a book, a CD message it is important to load yourself with inspiration before you step out. Inspired people are many times more hopeful and productive than those without inspiration.

#4 Read
Successful people are ravenous readers. Readers are runners, Hab 2:2. It is advisable to read and review your goals daily, as it helps to maintain your focus, and measure your progress. Even if it is just a few pages, the early morning is a very good time to commit to reading, rather than checking emails and messages, which has the tendency to pull your day in the wrong direction.

#5 Give thanks
Jesus was a man of thanksgiving, John 6:10 and Luke 22:19. Successful people are thankful people. They are always grateful to God for where they are. They are content even when striving for greater things. It is this attitude of thanksgiving that makes them receive more. The early morning hours is the period to spend in immense thanksgiving to God for what He does daily and so far in your life. To assist you to thank more you may decide to use pen and paper.

#6 Exercise
Exercising early in the morning has more benefits than doing so later in the day. Early morning exercises take the drag off your body and lighten your body for the day. It helps your metabolism and boosts your physical and mental energy, enabling you to think better and even sleep better at night.

#7 Meditate and visualise
Meditation and visualisation are best done at that time of the day when distractions are at the minimum. This habit has the power to move your day in the right direction. It is always good to have some time of meditation and visualisation as you start the day because these are very powerful tools to help create the life you want. Joshua was instructed by God to meditate daily in order to be successful. Success is never in sight if meditation is not contrived.

#8 Map out the day
Plan your day so your day does not plan you. Failure to schedule your day leaves you at the mercy of the schedule of others. Planning your day helps you to avoid distractions, and keeps you focused and productive.

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