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One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to any created content is to have it dotted with grammatical errors and mistakes. Worse still, is for one to unknowingly or unconsciously publish content with plagiarised information.

Having been in the copywriting industry for quite some time, I cannot overemphasise the importance of producing clean content one hundred per cent of the time. I have also read with great disdain, articles from the top players in the news media both locally and globally that are filled with terrible grammatical blunders. I have had to pinpoint a few of the errors to some of the outlets. The press, regarded as an oracle of excellent language construction has gradually begun to drag itself in the mud as a result of giving less priority to the content quality and placing a higher emphasis on being, “first with the news.”

It was as a result of my strong desire to escape such damnation of my content that went on a search for a very reliable content proofreading service. It is common knowledge that getting the services of professionals to edit your work could be very expensive and time-consuming, thus scary many young and upcoming content creators from taking this path. However, to avoid such an essential and almost indispensable aspect of your content creation process because of cost amounts to leaving your valuable intellectual property at the risk of ridicule.

Even though I was concerned about the cost of a copy editing service, I concluded that the price of “prevention” far outweighed the cost of “cure.” I went on a search for something very effective yet quite affordable, Dollar-wise. My ardent search paid off when I came across Grammarly.

Grammarly is an online copy editing tool that offers far more than proofreading. It is the perfect companion for every writer. It has become my content creation partner as its services are way too beneficial to ignore.

You can get Grammarly for free. However, the premium service (for as low as $29.95/month, $59.95/quarter and $139.95/year) which has five essential functions is the way to go if you really want your content up there among the best. With the premium subscription you get:

1. Spell Checker: it is simply what it says – this corrects every spelling error, including those that are very easy to miss.
2. Grammar Checker: check your English text for everything grammar – spelling, punctuation errors, sentence structure and more. Scan your writing for diverse forms of English grammar mistakes.
3. Proofreading: your editor at your fingertips! Say goodbye to grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and style mistakes with this feature.
4. Plagiarism Checker: you do not want to get into a row with anyone for using their quotes without reference. The checker journeys through millions of webpages in a few seconds to ensure your work is free of plagiarised content.
5. Consistency Checker: this function ensures that you do not switch between different types of writing styles or spelling forms. If you are doing British, stay with it throughout your content.
In addition to these function is the ability of Grammarly to check for overused words in your content. As well, you receive suggestions for different writing styles, including academic, technical, and creative methods.


You can gain access to the Grammarly service in four forms.

The first way is through the online app on your dashboard. Additionally, you may choose to install the Windows app, which will be right at home on your desktop. Access your documents or start a new project with one simple click.

Thirdly, “If you prefer to write documents using Microsoft® Word, then installing Grammarly’s add-in is a must. As a bonus, this add-in also integrates with Outlook™ to help you ensure your emails are grammatically correct before you hit send.”

Lastly, is the Grammarly for Chrome access. This free browser extension helps you write without inaccuracies in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Linkedin, and other web platforms. This app will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, blunder-free, and effective in the presentation. When you add Grammarly to Chrome, your entire writings on emails, social media and practically everywhere else you write on the web, get real-time checks to give them the best look.

You can take your experience with Grammarly another step further by requesting for the human proof-reader service, which though comes at an additional cost, could bring in yet more professionalism to your project.

To sum up this discourse, here are the three main Grammarly plans – personal, business, enterprise.

I read a statistic that said, “Last year, companies lost $5,000 per employee due to ineffective communication.” This is one thing Grammarly business can help you change.

Thanks for reading. Did I mention that I had this work edited using my Grammarly app for Chrome?


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