The New Improved Bloggers’ Tool Every Writer Should Have

In my previous post about this fantastic copywriting tool that I use, I talked about the great functions of the Grammarly app. Today, I would like to talk a bit more about it and showcase its strikingly great new features.

Grammarly is your go-to writing software. It works with what is on your mind to produce just what you want. Whenever you use the service, you are requested to state your goals. Grammarly will always want to know about what you want to accomplish with a piece of writing to proffer the best suggestions to suit your needs. For example, when you specify the audience you are writing for, or the style and purpose of your writing, Grammarly will adjust its suggestions to help you deliver your copy specifically to meet the need of that type of reader.

To start with, to get the best from the Grammarly service you must of a necessity download the free browser extension which helps you write mistake-free anywhere you write on the Web. This free app is available for download on the Chrome, Safari and Mozilla browsers. Once you start using the free Grammarly app, you would find it very difficult to do without it in all your written work. Grammarly is a cannot-do-without app for content creators, professional writers and authors. It is also beneficial for resume writing, thesis preparation and daily communication, in fact, for virtually everything you write.

The English language has many rules governing its use, which sincerely, one cannot keep in his head at all times. This gives rise to the need for a companion to keep you in check always. The guys at Grammarly are continually evolving and updating their software. I am thrilled by its ability to correct every spelling error, including those that are very easy to miss. It will peruse your work for errors in presentation, punctuation, sentence structure and more.

Additionally, it scans your writing for diverse forms of English grammar mistakes; proofreads your writing by checking your word choice and style mistakes. Another feature that got me in love with the Grammarly app is the Plagiarism Checker. This journeys through billions of webpages in a few seconds to ensure your work is free of unacknowledged copied content. Then there is the Consistency Checker. This function ensures that you do not switch between different types of writing styles or spelling forms. In addition to these functions is the ability of Grammarly to check for overused words in your content. You can enjoy some of these features for free when you download the app on your (Chrome, Safari or Mozilla) browser.

Recently, the entire bouquet of editing tools was restructured into four categories. The idea is to make you more at home with the app, to take you beyond just the basics of error-free writing and to help you understand the rationale behind each suggestion it makes. These new categories are easily recognisable with distinguishing colours that underline your content.

  1. The Red colour points out issues that have to do with the correctness of your work. Matters like spelling, grammar, and punctuation are covered here. For Grammarly Premium subscribers, they get to see suggestions that help maintain consistency in spelling, punctuation, and formatting.
  2. The colour blue indicates clarity, and the aim is to ensure that your writing is easier to understand. An error-free work could still be challenging to understand. Therefore, these suggestions help you restructure your sentences by eliminating redundant words and substituting wordy phrases with more well-organised ones. Ultimately these suggestions can reduce miscommunications and help your readers quickly connect with the fulcrum of your message.
  3. Green underlines engagement. The purpose is to make your writing more fun to read. The suggestion points at flat word choices and repetitive sentences which have a high tendency to make your text dull and unattractive. Grammarly can point out monotonous passages in your writing.
  4. The purple colour seeks to emphasise politeness, formality and confidence. This feature helps you come out in your copywriting with that professional tone and friendly attitude that all good content requires. The suggestions help you choose words that convey the right attitude and ensure that your readers relate with your message just the way you want them to.

Do not forget that you cannot access these features and more without downloading the free Grammarly extension for your browser.

While all Grammarly users have access to wide-ranging suggestions about correctness and clarity; tips that have to do with engagement and delivery are accessible only to Premium subscribers.

If you want to take your presentation to the next level, why not go for the premium version? At $29.95/month, it has some of the best editing features every writer needs. You can get the same value for as low as $19.99 monthly if you go for the quarterly payment. It is available for the lowest rate of $11.66 a month when choosing a yearly subscription.

All my writings are done using my Grammarly app for Chrome.

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