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Are you planning to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and scared that you might not excel in it? Have you written the test and did not measure up or fell beneath your target score? This writing tool might hold the key to your success.

Whether you are battling with the speaking, listening, reading or writing aspect of the test, this great desktop app got you covered. The Grammarly app is your perfect companion to get you prepared for both the writing and speaking aspects of the test. You can have a great feel of this ideal writing tool for free as long as you download the browser extension on your PC. So whether or not you are ready to part with your cash immediately to purchase it, the app is free to download on the Chrome, Safari and Mozilla browsers. 

Since the IELTS assesses your English language skills, you need the Grammarly writing assistant to help you forestall both weighty and straightforward inaccuracies. You can use the tool to advance your sentence construction, use of words, grammatical range, and general presentation amongst many other things. 

For brevity, I would streamline this post to ten (10) key things that the Grammarly writing assistant can do for you. These features can drive your IELTS performances in the upward curve.

 1.     Spell Check: you would not want to have the scores in your writing tasks plunge because of simple spelling errors. Grammarly corrects every spelling error, including those you thought you got right. Do not forget that in both the IELTS listening and reading tests, wrong spellings don’t get scores.

2.     Grammar Check: many people are culprits of simple blips in grammatical construction, especially punctuation errors. Grammarly checks everything grammar: spellings, sentence structure and more. 

3.     Proofreading: to show yourself as an advanced speaker in the IELTS, you need to be sure that your writing has proper word choices and free of writing style mistakes.

4.     Plagiarism Check: both your writing task tests must look original. Any similarity with another’s work or something picked from the internet can score you low. With this feature, each practice test you do is taken on a journey through billions of webpages in a few seconds to ensure your work is free of plagiarised content.

5.     Consistency Check: for those who find it challenging differentiating between the American and British forms of writing, Grammarly is a must-have. You would get penalised for using both types of writing styles or spelling forms in the same presentation. This app will guide you to stay on course with any of the two kinds of English presentations you prefer to make your work consistent throughout.

6.     Most individuals have a way of using common words or the same words or phrases over and over without even noticing. It is unpardonable in both the speaking and writing tests to keep using the same words/phrases. It shows that you are quite limited in your use of English and not a great English speaker. Use Grammarly for a short while, and you will be out of the woods in this regard. 

7.     Using a red colour indicator, Grammarly points out issues that have to do with the correctness of your work. Matters like spelling, grammar, and punctuation are covered here. This ensures that your entire content is devoid of simple mistakes.

8.     With the colour blue, the writing assistant shows you the clarity of your work. The aim is to ensure that your writing is easy to understand, which is one of the band descriptors. An error-free work could still be challenging to understand; that is why this feature provides suggestions to help you restructure your sentences. By eliminating redundant words and substituting wordy phrases with more well-organised ones, you come out as clear as crystal with written presentations that engage your examiner. 

9.     Engagement check: a very significant thing that the examiners look out for in your writing tasks is task achievement. How well were you able to deliver on the question asked? Did you really present content that showed that you understood the prompt? Grammarly will help you make your writing more fun to read. With the green indicator, suggestions point at flat word choices and repetitive sentences which have a high tendency to make your text dull and unattractive. Grammarly can also point out monotonous passages in your writing.

10.    In the long run, you want to convince the assessor that your content carries both the professional tone and the friendly attitude required. The last of the indicators you would see on your right-hand side of your dashboard is the purple colour. It points out how your words can convey the right attitude and ensure that your examiners relate with your content just the way you want them to.

Some of these features come with the free version which requires your downloading the Grammarly extension for your browser. The best functions are solely available on the premium version that you can get for $29.95/month. You get the same value for as low as $19.99 monthly if you go for the quarterly payment. It is available for the lowest rate of $11.66 a month when choosing a yearly subscription.

Apart from pointing out things to take note of, the indicators as well, gauge the level of correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of your work. There is a scorecard on the top of all the alert bars which judges the quality of your writing. When you start hitting 90% consistently without having to do so many corrections, you know that you are close to your test goals. Compared with what you pay for taking the IELTS and because you do not want to do it twice, $29.95 is a sensible investment to make towards a one-time success. Using this app to prepare for the IELTS will put you in a prime position to excel on test day. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free and download the browser extension.


I wrote this piece with my Grammarly app for Chrome.




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